European fastener distributors can join EFDA through one of our national associations. MEMBERS

Companies from other countries apply for a membership of MEFDA. MEFDA – ‘More EFDA’ – was designed in 2014 specifically for fastener importers and distributors from European countries where there is no active national fastener distributor association to represent their interests.

‘In recent years the fastener industry has faced many changes in many different areas of business activity. Such a dynamically changing environment makes it crucial that we have access to current, accurate information on these very important business areas. For Marcopol to join MEFDA was therefore the best possible solution.’'
Piotr Pierowicz, Purchasing Manager of Marcopol, Poland

’For Heco Nordiska AB we experience that joining MEFDA is the best solution for having influence and information.’
Julia Karlsson Gradeen, Strategic Import Manager, Heco Nordiska AB, Sweden

‘Our ideas and thoughts are listened to, as are the thoughts from other participants whatever their country or size of business.’
Piotr Pierowicz, Purchasing Manager of Marcopol, Poland